About Parent Coaching



  • Parents who want to be great parents;
  • Parents who are willing to make appropriate changes to have the lives they want with their families;
  • Parents who struggle with life balance and raising children;
  • Parents who are going through a transition with their families (e.g., divorce, move, new school, new job);
  • Parents who want to feel more joy in their lives with their families and themselves;
  • Parents who are willing to look at themselves. This willingness is key to sustainable change.
  • Parents who are willing to take care of themselves, thereby being able to parent better.


  • Newfound energy and confidence in your role as a parent;
  • A deeper connection to your family and yourself;
  • Enhanced appreciation of what you have and who you are;
  • Sustainable ways to have the life you want for yourself and your family.
I really treasure my coaching time with Jane. She has a gentle, caring, non-judgmental ear to listen and offer support for the hard work of parenting. But our coaching time is much more than that: Jane helped me to really get to the root of what I value most, how I can achieve that, and how I c...
— M.D., Seattle, WA