The relationship we have with our children is the most important aspect of our lives. Yet that central importance is not always reflected in how we live our day-to-day lives. We may yearn to be better parents and to take better care of ourselves, but we juggle so much and often find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed. Parent Coaching is a collaborative, thoughtful process that supports parents in developing and nurturing the relationship and life we want with our children. To foster that relationship, we must be willing to REFLECT on who we are and appreciate what we have, REFOCUS our attention on what our values and priorities are and on what we really seek, and RESPOND by making changes and taking the steps we need to take. Only then can we fully realize the life we want to have with our families and ourselves. Parent Coaching explores:

  • What you want most for your family and yourself;

  • What your child needs to optimize their development socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically;

  • What your parenting style is and what your child's learning style is;

  • How to have the relationship you want to have with your child;

  • What you need to take care of yourself so you can parent well;

  • How to optimize the joyful moments with your child and minimize the challenges;

  • How to maximize your child's potential and your potential as a parent.

Jane spoke to parents at my children’s preschool on the topic, “Parenting Well in this Media-Intensive Age”. She was fantastic! Jane provided us with interesting statistics to begin a rich discussion of the challenges and realities of our daily lives with TV and computers. There are a wide var...
— KH, Seattle WA