Jane spoke to parents at my children’s preschool on the topic, “Parenting Well in this Media-Intensive Age”. She was fantastic! Jane provided us with interesting statistics to begin a rich discussion of the challenges and realities of our daily lives with TV and computers. There are a wide variety of opinions about the role of media in our kids’ lives, but Jane was able to facilitate a lively and eye-opening discussion without being judgmental of individual family choices. Instead, she offered alternatives for thinking about media and how we spend time with our children. We plan to have her back as this is and will continue to be a valuable discussion!
— K.H., Seattle, WA
As a mother of boys who have been known to enjoy an hour or five playing video games or watching TV, I was relieved to find Jane’s talk “Parenting Well in a Media-Intensive Age” to be encouraging, non-judgmental and the right nudge I needed to just get started. I have since found that limiting media time was a lot less painful than I expected and no one even complains anymore.
— C.C., Seattle, WA
Jane is the glass half full. Always! She has an uncanny (yet genuine!) ability to find the good in everything and everyone. She helped me to not only see but to celebrate the many great qualities in my daughter. Parenting is HARD. Any honest person will acknowledge this. With Jane’s open ears and open heart, I felt as though I had a bonafide ally in my journey as a Mommy. Jane’s written reflections after each session are pearls of wisdom that I refer to often — a year after our formal coaching ceased. Ever thanks!
— M.W., Seattle, WA
Jane has a natural gift for being able to see the best in people, and for bringing wisdom and hope to any challenge. I always looked forward to our sessions because I knew I would come away with a lifted spirit and new ideas to consider. It was so nice to have my own personal cheering section and wise sage rolled into one!
— R.B., Chapel Hill, NC
Jane has a natural ability to inspire and energize. My parenting went from a place of feeling paralyzed to a place of feeling balanced, calm, and present.
— A.F., Junction City, OR
Through parent coaching, I’ve limited screen time in our household. This has especially benefited my 8-year-old son. In the past, after playing the Xbox, his behavior changed. He was more defiant, whiny, irritable and unreasonable. Since having less screen time, he has been more amiable, an active listener, independent thinker, creative and respectful.
— R.P., Springfield, OR
I really treasure my coaching time with Jane. She has a gentle, caring, non-judgmental ear to listen and offer support for the hard work of parenting. But our coaching time is much more than that: Jane helped me to really get to the root of what I value most, how I can achieve that, and how I can find the answers within. She has a way of offering insights but not advice, and helping me find the path myself to being the parent I want to be. I feel much more confidence as a parent, and more at peace through our work together.
— M.D., Seattle, WA